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Privacy Policy

We present you with the updated version of our Privacy Policy in connection with the information duty stemming from General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the (EU) Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, hereafter referred to as "GDPR", and the repealing of Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation). We would like to inform you that Zarząd Targów Warszawskich S.A. as a personal data controller follows the principles of lawfulness, diligence, transparency, purpose limitation, minimization, fairness, storage limitation, integrity and confidentiality.

  1. Personal data controller
    The personal data controller is Zarząd Targów Warszawskich S.A. based at ul. Puławska 12A/3, 02-566 Warszawa (hereafter referred to as ZTW S.A.), registered with the Warsaw District Court in Warsaw, Economic Division XIII of the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000126894, tax identification number NIP 526-021-17-13, National Official Register of Business Entities number REGON 012049014.
    The data controller can be contacted at the following address:
    Zarząd Targów Warszawskich S.A.
    ul. Puławska 12A/3
    02-566 Warszawa
    or at the following e-mail address:
  2. Purpose of data processing
    Zarząd Targów Warszawskich S.A. processes your personal data only to the extent that is necessary for the purpose of ZTW S.A.’s business activity, on the basis of consents, contracts, agreements or if this stems from a legitimate interest of the data controller, and in particular:
    1. to send you trade and direct-marketing information via electronic mail to an e-mail address you provide in a filled-in contact form or on a business card;
    2. to process your requests for proposals and/or questions about the technical details of services provided, which is our legitimate interest (based on GDPR Article 6 section 1 items b and f);
    3. to conclude contracts and/or agreements for services on the basis of your interest shown in our offering (based on GDPR Article 6 section 1 item b);
    4. to fulfil our obligations and fill orders stemming from any signed contracts, agreements, orders you place with us, which is our legitimate interest (based on GDPR Article 6 section 1 item b);
    5. to get in touch with you for the purpose of filling and handling your order, which is our legitimate interest (based on GDPR Article 6 section 1 item b);
    6. to document completed transactions and the participation of persons in events organized by ZTW S.A.;
    7. in ZTW S.A.’s IT systems for administration and information purposes related to running exhibitions, conferences and other events, which is our legitimate interest (based on GDPR Article 6 section 1 items b and f);
    8. to perform a contract signed with ZTW S.A. for your benefit as a third party when another organization is a party to that contract;
    9. to sign and perform contracts for services with business partners, contractors and subcontractors for which ZTW S.A. is a customer;
    11. if such a need arises, for the purpose of determining, pursuing or presenting a defence against claims, which is our legitimate interest (based on GDPR Article 6 section 1 item f);
    12. for analytical purposes (better matching of services to our customers’ needs, general optimization of our products, optimization of support processes, building knowledge about our customers etc.), which is our legitimate interest (based on GDPR Article 6 section 1 item f);
    13. for the purpose of managing and running the website and the websites of individual events organized by ZTW S.A., which is our legitimate interest (based on GDPR Article 6 section 1 item f);
    14. for the purpose of maintaining employee and other documentation covered by separate legal regulations.
    In addition, ZTW S.A. may process your personal data for tax and accounting purposes, as required by law.
  3. Recipients of data
    Access to the personal data may be given to the following recipients: authorized employees of the Company, service providers contractually entrusted with processing the personal data for the performance of services provided to the Company, in particular entities such as persons and companies providing IT, HR and financial, legal, marketing, graphic, technical and logistics services, services in organizing exhibitions and conferences, design and architectural services, stand construction and exhibition space outfitting services as well as their authorized employees, to the extent necessary to properly carry out these services.
  4. Obligation to provide personal data
    To the extent in which your personal data are processed to ensure the performance of a contract with ZTW S.A., providing your data is a condition of that contract being concluded. Providing the data is voluntary, but necessary to conclude and perform the contract/service/order. If the personal data are not provided, the service will not be carried out. Providing data necessary to issue an invoice is a legal obligation and stems from the Goods and Services Tax Law. At any other level, providing data is voluntary, it is not a legal or contractual obligation, nor is it a condition of concluding a contract.
  5. Data storage period
    Your personal data obtained in connection with the signing of a contract, filling of an order will be stored no longer than essential, i.e. over a period necessary for:
    1. post-sale customer and client support (e.g. handling claims, satisfaction surveys);
    2. securing or pursuing claims to which ZTW S.A. is entitled;
    3. fulfilling the legal obligations of a controller (stemming from accounting or legal regulations);
    4. fulfilling tasks based on the legitimate interests of the controller.
    5. The personal data processed for purposes of providing trade information on services offered by ZTW S.A. and for direct marketing purposes, based on expressed consent and/or a legitimate interest, will be stored until the data subject objects to his or her data being processed.
    6. Your personal data processed on the basis of separate consent will be processed until such consent is withdrawn.

  6. Right to object
    You have the right to object at any time to the processing of your personal data as described above. Your personal data will then stop being processed for such purposes, unless ZTW S.A. is able to prove that with regard to your personal data, there are important legitimate grounds for ZTW S.A. which take priority over your interests, rights and liberties, or unless your data are necessary for determining, pursuing or presenting a defence against claims.
    You have the right to object at any time to the processing of your personal data in connection with direct marketing. If you exercise this right, ZTW S.A. will cease to process your data for this purpose.
    You can make your objection to the address below:
    Zarząd Targów Warszawskich S.A.
    ul. Puławska 12A/3
    02-566 Warszawa
    or by e-mail to the following address:
  7. Information on a data object’s rights
    You have the following rights in connection with the processing of your personal data:
    1. the right of access to your personal data;
    2. the right to demand corrections to your data;
    3. the right to demand erasure of your data;
    4. the right to demand personal data portability;
    5. the right to demand restriction of processing of your data;
    6. the right not to be subjected to automated decision-making, including profiling;
    7. the right to object to the processing of your personal data;
    8. the right to file a complaint regarding the processing of your personal data to the relevant authority.
  8. Data profiling
    Your personal data will not be subjected to automated processing (e.g. profiling) that would have any legal effects for you or significantly affect you in any similar way, but we do use cookies and other online traffic recording systems on our websites (profiling for marketing purposes).
  9. Data transfer
    Your data will not be transferred to a third country outside the European Economic Area.
    Furthermore, apart from the purposes set down in the present Privacy Policy, your data will not be transferred in any way to third parties, and in particular will not be transferred to other organizations for the purpose of relaying marketing information of third parties.

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